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Office Policies

Getting Lab Test Results

Routine lab test results generally take up to a week. If you do not receive the results of your tests within two weeks, please call us.


The best way to fill or refill a prescription is to contact your pharmacist early in the day. S/he will then call us for authorization. It is best not to call at night or on weekends, because we do not have easy access to your medical records. However, if you must call at these times, please have the phone number of your pharmacy ready.

Remember: check your supplies of medications regularly so that you may anticipate your needs.

Financial Arrangements

Our fees for providing care are generally within the acceptable range based on national standards. We encourage you to discuss your questions and concerns with our billing staff. Payment for our services are solely your responsibility. We accept cash, checks, MasterCard and Visa. In all instances, you are responsible for your co-payments and deductibles, which are due at the time of your visit.


Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance carrier; our services are rendered and charged to you, not to the insurance carrier. Unless we have a contract with your insurance carrier, responsibility for payment is your obligation at the time of your visit. Coverage will depend on your insurance plan.

Fees and Billing

We want you to understand our fees and be satisfied that they are reasonable and equitable. Please feel free to discuss our fees with us at any time. Our goal is to devote our energy to the well-being of our patients rather than to time-consuming paperwork; thus we prefer not to send monthly statements. The policy of the office is that we expect payment at the time of the visit. You will receive a Statement of Services Rendered.

If you have an outstanding balance, we request that you settle your account by the first week of the following month. We certainly understand that extenuating circumstances sometimes make it necessary for you to make special arrangements concerning payment of your account.

Medical Records

Your medical history is confidential. If you wish to have information released or discussed with your insurance company, relative, friend or another physician, please submit a written request.

Second Opinions

If you or we feel that a second opinion is necessary on any diagnosis made, we will be glad to refer you to another physician. Likewise, if we determine that we are not best suited to handle a particular problem, we will be more than happy to recommend another physician or specialist. Our goal is to try to provide you with the best medical care possible.


In order to protect your privacy under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 ("HIPAA"), we require a signed form confirming that you have read and understood our Notice of Privacy Practices. For your convenience, we have made this form available for printing below, along with the Notice of Privacy Practices. Both are available in .pdf format. Please print them out, sign and date the Consent Form, and either fax or mail it to our office.

We require a signed form in order to bill your insurance company, which includes authorization to provide the medical information your insurance company requires. For your convenience, we have made this form available for printing below, in .pdf format. Please print it out, sign and date it, and either fax or mail it to our office.

If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, click here to install it free of charge.